“Relax, and have a home brew” ¬†– Charlie Papazian

Charlie has influenced¬†my last few months here in Oregon for the better. Moving to Oregon, particularly Eugene, has made me consider and reconsider what I do on a daily basis in my beer career. Particularly with regards to my online presence, small as it may be. As it is, I have three or four articles mostly written that haven’t been published here because they either slam the public, or critique aspects of the industry and don’t really reflect (what I believe) is my holistic approach to this industry. I’ve been writing articles that go out within my home brew club, and have been putting together some presentations for the same, but I’m not attempting to gain traffic here by publishing outlandish articles simply to play devil’s advocate.

As a result I’ve been home brewing a lot, focusing more on trying to better understand the brewing process, and less on the industry side of things. I’ve been reading and re-reading books to help me through that process. Maybe I’ll put up an article on some literature that has really helped me thus far in the near future. In the meantime, I wanted to reinforce the fact that I use Twitter and Instagram frequently to put out little snippets here and there. Feel free to follow me on Twitter – Cascade_Kid, and Instagram – Cascade.Kid


HUB Lager
HUB Lager

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