Updates – Another accidental hiatus

Hello! It’s been a long couple of months with a lot of changes happening and sitting down and writing has not been a priority. While there’s been some bumpiness behind the scenes, there’s been one huge positive and that is I have transitioned into the lab at work! I’ve been trying to move into a production-based role for a long time now and finally found an open position that I was fit for. While that’s been very busy, challenging and fun for the last few months, I haven’t had too much time to write or put together content at home so you’re not seeing much out of me here.

I do take a lot of beer-related photos and post them to Instagram, which you can find @cascade.kid . In the last few months I’ve visited hop farms, tried to make the lab look as photo-genic as possible, and otherwise been putting most of my spare minutes into those photos. I’ll be back someday as the list of ideas has been growing long. 

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