The Report of My Death Was an Exaggeration

It’s been a while. Overall, this site was never meant to be a “blog” or anything specific, so I never feel the need to post without substance, but the spam-bots keep reminding me that the site exists.

The reason content has gotten derailed is that I moved from the SF Bay Area to Eugene, OR last month and I’ve had everything packed up in boxes. The BJCP photo project got slightly skewed with the recent release of the new BJCP guidelines, so I’ll be fixing those numbers and creating some more soon.

Since landing in Eugene I’ve had some awesome experiences. Most notably being invited to the Whiteaker Block Party through Ninkasi, which got us some VIP tours and access. My family and I also got to help out Agrarian Ales¬†with their hop harvest at the end of August which was awesome! I’m heading to Corvallis tomorrow for Septembeerfest and to close out Corvallis beer week so I’m sure I’ll gather some content from that. In the meantime, ¬†breathe deep and drink well!

Agrarian Ales

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