What am I reading – #1

I can’t promise I’ll never write a review for  beer, equipment, or in this case, books, as someday I may feel the need to do so. Mainly though I’ve never been a fan of panning other’s people’s hard work even if it is bad as I’d rather mention worthwhile items and forget about the useless. Not to mention all I really want in a “review” is to hear what it’s about and who should read it. I hope to refine this format over time, but for now here’s the first in a series of “What Am I Reading?”

Which book?Hoptopia by Peter A. Kopp.

What’s it about? – The growth of hop production in the Willamette Valley. Also gets into prohibition, global hop production and the histories of farms in OR, CA and WA among other relevant beer/history points.

Why Did I Read it? – I wound up tending bar at a lecture Peter was giving to the Lane County Historical Society “History Pub” back in October. He mentioned a few things during his lecture that struck a chord with me. I work in in beer and live in the Willamette Valley so  it seemed like an easy thing to pick up and find value in.

Who Should Read This? – While I think this book would be an interesting read for most beer professionals and enthusiasts as it hits on a lot of topics relevant to what we do, even if you’re just an OR resident this makes for a pretty valuable history and engaged read.

So that’s it for this first one, short and sweet. Now I’ve got to get back to this stack of books I’ve been ignoring for too long.

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